DUPUIS, Louis Savinien

DUPUIS, Louis Savinien. Sens, Yonne (Bourgogne) 18.8.1806 — Pondichéry 4.6.1874. French Missionary and Tamil Scholar in India. Son of Edme Louis Dupuis und Victoire Remy. The home was very religious and he was put in local Jesuit school. Also seminary in Sens, ordained priest 1829. In 1831 sent to Pondichéry by Missions etrangères. Worked in Bangalore, in 1840 founded the mission press in Pondichéry. In 1844 founded the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary for Indian women. The process for his beatification is on the way, but here he is remembered as a lexicographer of Tamil, working in collaboration with —> L. M. Mousset.

Publications: With Mousset: Dictionarium latino-gallico-tamulicum (Dictionnaire latin-français-tamoul). Auctoribus duobus missionariis apostolicis Congregationis Missionum ad Exteros. 10+1430 p. Pudicherii 1846; Vocabulaire français-tamoul. Composé par deux missionnaires apostoliques de la Congrégation des Missions-Etrangères, et enrichi d’utiles renvois à leur dictionnaire latin-français-tamoul. 420 p. Pondichéry 1850; Dictionnaire Français-Tamoul. Pondichéry 1875, 2nd ed. 1270 p. Pondichéry 1911.

Grammaire française tamoule. 568 p. Pondichéry 1863.

With Mousset: Dictionnaire Tamoul-Français. 1-2. 932+1113 p. Pondichéry 1855-62, 2nd ed. 1669 p. Pondichéry 1911, 3rd ed. P. 1938-42.

Sources: French Wikipédia with photo.

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