DUPREE, Louis Benjamin

DUPREE, Louis Benjamin. Greenville NC 23.8.1925 — 21.3.1989. U.S. Archaeologist. In wartime served in U.S. Merchant Marine in Philippines, then studied Asian archaeology and ethnology at Harvard (B.A. 1949, M.A. 1953 and Ph.D. 1955). In 1949 first visited Afghanistan. In the late 1960s met Nancy Hatch Dupree (1927–), a historian, in Kabul, divorced and married her. They worked together in Kabul until 1978, when expulsed. Then lived mainly in North Carolina, but visited often Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Taught at several American universities and held important consultant offices, but mainly concentrated on reseach.

Publications: “Deh Morasi Ghundai: A chalcolithic site in South Central Afghanistan”, Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History, New York 50:2, 27-136, pl. 13-25, N.Y. 1963.

An Historical Guide to Afghanistan. 1972; An Historical Guide to Kabul. 19??.

Afghanistan. 1973.

Sources: http://www.dupreefoundation.org/louis-dupree.htm ; Wikipedia (poor with details).


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