DUPONT-SOMMER, André. Marnes-la-Coquette near Paris 23.12.1900 — Paris 14.5.1983. French Epigraphist and Semitic Scholar, a Specialist of Aramaic. Studied philology and theology in Paris, licence in both in 1924 and 1928 resp. Further studies of archaeology in Jerusalem. From 1936 taught Hebrew and Aramaic at É.P.H.É. and from 1945 Professor of Hebrew at Sorbonne in Paris. In 1963-71 professeur d’hebreu et d’araméen at Collège de France in Paris. Also worked on Old Testament exegesis and Qumran manuscrips.

Publications: Much on Aramaic and Semitic epigraphy.

With D. Schlumberger, L. Robert, and E. Benveniste: “Une bilingue gréco-araméenne d’Aśoka”, JA 246, 1958, 1-48; with E. Benveniste: “Une inscription indo-araméenne d’Asoka provenant de Kandahar (Afghanistan)”, JA 254, 1966, 437-465.

– “Une nouvelle inscription araméenne d’Asoka trouvée dans la vallée du Laghman (Afghanistan)”, CRAI 1970, 158-173; “Essénisme et bouddhisme”, CRAI 1980, 698-715.

Sources: *A. Caquot, CRAI 130, 1986, 9-22; È. Gran-Aymerich, D.O.L.F. 332f.; *M. Sznycer, JA 272, 1984, 1-13; Wikipedia.

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