DUPONT, Pierre

DUPONT, Pierre. Paris 3.12.1908 — Bangkok 16.10.1955 (Auboyer: 31.12.1908–18.10.1955). French Archaeologist of South-East Asia (especially Cambodia). Professor in Paris. Studies of Indology, South-East Asian studies, art and archaeology in Paris under Foucher et al., at É.P.H.É., Institut d’éthnologie and École du Louvre. Worked in Musée Guimet, in French Institutes in Amsterdam (1933-35) and Berlin (1935-36). In 1936-1950 at É.F.E.O. in Indochine, from 1941 in various offices in Phnom Penh, 1948-50 Curator in Saigon Museum. From 1950 Professor of Indian and South-East Asian art and archaeology at Sorbonne, also taught at É.P.H.É. Dr.-ès-lettres 1953. In 1955 travelled in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Burma, where he laid out a plan for archaeological research of Burma. Died suddenly of a heart attack in the house of his friend A. B. Griswold. Married with Monique.

Dupont was a meticulous and skilled art historian. With systematic work he greatly improved chronology. He collected an enormous archive of photographs.

Publications: A number of articles and reviews on South-East Asian art in Revue des Arts Asiatiques, BEFEO, Bull. de la Soc. des Études Indochinoises, Art. As., etc., in reviews often also dealt with books about India.

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