DUPEYTY-TRAHON, Jean-Ferdinand

DUPEYTY-TRAHON, Jean-Ferdinand. Claire-Fontaine (Seine-et-Oise) 30.3.1794 — 1836. French Indologist. Son of an officer, who had served in India under Haidar ‘Ali, became interested in India through his father’s reminiscences. After studies of medicine in Paris became in 1813 the physician of the 150th regiment, but felt unhappy in the army and resigned after the defeat in 1814. Started now studies of everything somehow connected with India like Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit and Hindustani. Without visiting India he wrote a kind of encyclopedia, which was partly meant to serve as a travel guide. A great majority of the lemmata are in Urdu, in addition some Anglo-Indian and Sanskrit terms are included. This posthumous work was edited by Caüet.

Publications: Le moniteur indien, renfermant la description de l’Hindoustan et de différent peuples qui habitent ce pays; des détails sur la religion et les principales fétes et cérémonies des indigènes, etc. Ouvrage rédigé sous forme de vocabulaire et dans lequel l’origine de chacun des termes se trouve indiguée; de tout précédée d’une description détaillée de la ville de Calcutta et de ses environs. Edited by Caüet ainé. 312 p. P. 1838.

Sources: Review of the book by Eyriés, Nouv. Ann. des Voyages 183?, 370-374; briefly in N.B.G.; not known at all to Google.

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