LATTER, Thomas

LATTER, Thomas.India 1816 — Prome, Burma 8.12.1853. British Colonial Officer in Burma. Captain. Son of Major Barré L., 1836 joined Bengal Native Infantry, stationed in Arakan. Assistant Commissioner in Arakan, then Regional Superintendent of Forests in Burma, finally Deputy Commissioner in Prome. Murdered.
Publications: “Remarks on a Boodhist Coin or Medal”, JASB 13, 1844, 571-578, 1 pl. (from Burma); “On the Buddhist Emblems of Architecture”, JASB 14, 1845, 623-640, 2 pl.; two articles on Arakan in JASB 15.
– Grammar of the Language of Burmah. 1845.
Sources: Th. Seccombe, D.N.B. 32, 1892, 184; Wikipedia.

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