LAYARD, Frederic Peter

LAYARD, Frederic Peter. Bath 6.5.1818 — Westminster 21.5.1891. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of Peter Henry John L. and Marianne Austen. Entered E.I.C.’s army in 1838, served in many places in northern India. Colonel 1869, General 1889. In retirement living in London. Keen amateur artist who left a collection of drawings. Married 1848 Ida Gabrielle Betts, three daughters and three sons.
Publications: “The Tomb of Meer Muddan Khan, Commander-in chief of the Nuwab Sooraj-ood-Dowlah’s Army at the Battle of Plassey”, JASB 21, 1852, 148-150, 1 pl.; “The Mausoleum of the Nuwabs Aliverdi Khan and Sooraj-ood-Dowlah at Khooshbagh, near Moorshedabad”, JASB 21, 1852, 504-511, 3 pl.; “The Ancient City of Kansonapur, now called Rungamutty”, JASB 22, 1853, 281f., 1 pl.
Sources: Pr. K. Misra, “Early Views of Bengal from the Layard Album”, JASB 53:4, 2011 (concentrating on the drawings, with illustrations); with photo.

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