LECKEY, Edward

LECKEY, Edward. 1811 — West Derby, Lancashire 1870. Britishman, apparently in Bombay, where he served as clerk in Military Board Office in 1857. Married 1845 in Bombay Mary Smith (or 1850 Mary Derby?). Unlike the most writers of the time, he took in his 1859 book critical view of the British policy in India.
Publications: Principles of Goojuratee Grammar. 260 p. Bombay 1857.
– Fictions Connected with the Outbreak of 1857 Exposed. 366 p. Bombay 1859.
Sources: Cr. Bates & M. Carter, Mutiny at the Margins: New Perspectives on the Indian Uprising of 1857. Vol. 7. 2017, ch. 2; a few stray notes in Internet.

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