DUVAU, Louis

DUVAU, Louis. Saumur 12.7.1864 — Angers 14.7.1903. French IE Linguist. After school in Orléans studied in Paris (under Bréal and de Saussure) and Leipzig, then two years further studies in Rome. Licencié 1883, agrégé 1884. From c. 1887-88 Professor (maître de confér.) of classic philology at Dijon, 1888-91 same of grammaire comparée at Faculté des lettres in Lille. From 1891 maître de conférences at É.P.H.É. in Paris. In 1901-02 acting for Bréal at Collège de France, himself already ill. In addition to comparative IE he was mainly interested in Celtic, classical and Germanic languages. He was a hypercritic and perfectionist who published very little.

Publications: brief articles, edition of a medieval Latin-German glossary 1889.

Sources: M. Décimo in https://genesis.revues.org/1091?lang=en; Meillet, BSL 13, 1904, 65-67.


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