DYMŠIC, Zalman Movševič

DYMŠIC, Zalman Movševič. Janovič near Vitebsk 25.5.1921 — Moscow 6.1.1990. Russian Indologist, specialist of Hindi/Urdu. Born in Byelorussia, son of an official. In 1940-46 in Red Army, then studies at Moscow. Graduated in 1950. In 1953-54 taught at Oriental Institute in Moscow, from 1954 at Moscow Institute of International Relations. Kand. filol. nauk 1960, Dr. filol. n. 1969, Professor 1970, in Moscow.

Publications: At least 50 publications, i.al.:

With A. I. Gladyševa: Učebnik po jazyku hindi. 1-3. 67+281+239+366 p. M. 1953-57.

With E. P. Čelyševa: Karmannyj russko-hindi slovar’. 868 p. M. 1958.

Karmannyj hindi-russkij slovar’. 1080 p. M. 1958; Jazyk urdu. 144 p. M. 1962.

With O. G. Ulčiferov & V. I. Gorjunov: Učebnik jazyka hindi. 1-2. 717 p. M. 1969-70.

Dr.diss. Očerk grammatiki hindi. MS. of 409 p. M. 1969.

Russko-hindi učebn. slovar’: 5000 slov. 527 p. M. 1981, 2nd ed. 1984; Karmannyj russko-hindi slovar’. 560 p. M. 1987.

Grammatika jazyka hindi. 1-2. 376+300 p. M. 1986.

In Hindī: Hindī Grammar. 694 p. Raduga 1983; Practical Hindī Grammar. 269 p. Delhi 1985; translations from Hindī.

Sources: Miliband, Biobibliogr. slovar’ otečestvennyh vostokovedov. 1995; Russian Vikipedija with photo.


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