EBEL, Hermann Wilhelm

EBEL, Hermann Wilhelm. Berlin 10.5.1820 — Misdroy in Pomerania (now Międzyzdroje in Poland) 19.8.1875. German Linguist (IE and Celtic). Professor in Berlin. Son of a teacher, grew up in Berlin. Studies of classical philology (Böckh) and history at Berlin and Halle, soon also comparative linguistics under Pott and Bopp. Ph.D. 1842 Berlin. Until 1852 schoolteacher in Berlin, in 1852-58 at Schwarzbach’sches Pädagogium zu Ostrowe bei Filehne. Then in 1858-72 at Gymnasium of Schneidemühl. From 1872 until his early death Bopp’s successor as the Professor of comparative philology at Berlin (succeeded by J. Schmidt).

Publications: Diss. De Zanclensium Messaniorumque rebus gestis et conditione. 60 p. B. 1842.

A number of articles on Greek and Latin etymology, Italic languages, Gothic and Old High German, in KZ, etc.

– “Altpersisches”, Kuhns Beitr. 2, 1861, 129f. & 495f.; “Altbactrisches”, Kuhns Beitr. 3, 1863, 38-46.

Articles on Celtology in KZ, Kuhns Beitr., etc.; Celtic Studies. 28+221 p. L. 1863 (collection of articles translated into English by W. K. Sullivan); edited the 2nd editiom of Zeuss’ Grammatica Celtica. B. 1868-71.

Sources: J. Jolly, A.D.B. 5, 1877, 516-518; Stache-Weiske 2017, 517; Wikipedia.

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