EBEL, Hermann Wilhelm

EBEL, Hermann Wilhelm. Berlin 10.5.1820 — Misdroy 19.8.1874. German Linguist (IE and Celtic). Professor in Berlin. Studies of classical philology and history at Berlin and Halle. Ph.D. 1842 Berlin. Until 1852 schoolteacher in Berlin, in 1852-58 at Schwarzbach’sches Pädagogium zu Ostrowe bei Filehne. Then in 1858-72 at Gymnasium of Schneidemühl. From 1872 until his death Bopp’s successor as the Professor of comparative philology at Berlin (succeeded by J. Schmidt).

Publications: diss. De Zanclensium Messaniorumque rebus gestis et conditione. 1842.

a number of articles on Greek and Latin etymology, Italic languages, Gothic and Old High German, in KZ, etc.

– “Altpersisches”, Kuhns Beitr. 2, 1861, 129f. & 495f.; “Altbactrisches”, Ibid. 3, 1863, 38-46.

articles on Celtology in KZ, Kuhn’s Beitr., etc.; Celtic Studies. 1863 (selection of translations); edited the 2nd editiom of Zeuss’ Grammatica Celtica. 1868-71.

Sources: J.Jolly, A.D.B. 5, 1877, 516-518; *Wikipedia.


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