EATON, Adoniram Judson

EATON, Adoniram Judson. Annapolis, Nova Scotia 16.10.1850 — Knowlton, Quebec 1928. Canadian Indologist and Classical Scholar. Son of Thomas Woodworth E. and Mary Ann Withers. Ph.D. 1884 Marburg (Renou, according to Janert at Leipzig). Back in Canada he became a teacher of Latin, at least some time at McGill Univer­sity. Married 1879 Adelia Woodman, two daughters and two sons.

Publications: Diss. The Âtmanepada in Ṛig-Veda. 44 p. Leipzig 1884.

Latin prose exercises based upon Livy, book XXI. 4+64 p. Boston & L. 1892.

Sources: Two works in the N.U.C.;

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