EDGAR, James Huston

EDGAR, James Huston. Harr, Victoria 19.7.1872 — Tatsienlu 23.3.1936. Rev. New Zealandian (born in Australia) Missionary in China, wrote studies on Chinese and Tibetan Ethnology and Archaeology. Son of Adam Edgar and Margaret Huston, grew up in Central Otago, New Zealand. Trained as missionary in Adelaide. In 1898 to China. Working for China Inland Mission he spent more than 30 years in China, from 1903 in Western China (Sichuan), in a place named as Batang, Kangding, Romi Chrango and Tatsienlu in different accounts. Married 1904 Lily Trudomger (1874–1952), three sons and two daughters. He had special interest in palaeolithic and neolithic antiquities.

Publications: The Marches of the Mantze. 66 p. L. 1908; The Land of Mystery: Tibet. 61 p. Melbourne [1928]; articles.

An English-Giarung vocabulary. Suppl. to Journal of West China Border Res. Soc. 5. 1932.

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