LUARASI, Skënder Petro

LUARASI, Skënder PetroLuaras, Kolonjë 19.1.1900 — Tirana 27.1.1982. Albanian Historian, Author and Translator. Son of Petro Nini L. and Lino Sevo, a Protestant Christian family. Educated at Negovan and Korçë, then at Robert College in Istanbul and in 1914-18 in the U.S.A. (Easton Academy and International College in Springfield, MA) and finally, after some time as teacher in Albania, in 1922-26 at Freistad gymnasium in Austria. Studied philology at Vienna, graduated 1930. Back in Albania he worked as teacher and attracted attention as writer and an Anti-Fascist activist. Participated in Spanish civil in International Brigade. During the WW II interned in several concentration camps, after war worked as teacher and historian at several schools and at Tirana University, retired 1967.

Publications: Transl. Kalidasa. Sakuntala: dramë indiane. 6+64 p. Vlorë 1933.

– Many books and articles unrelated to India.

Sources: Long Wikipedia article with photo, Śakuntalā not mentioned.

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