EDMAN, Lars. Kalf (Älfsborg län) 22.11.1824 — 27.5.1921. Swedish Orientalist and Linguist (German) interested in Sanskrit. Son of a farmer, educated in Gothenburg. From 1847 studies at Uppsala, fil.kand. (Ph.D.) 1857. From 1857 Docent i österländska språken, from 1863 adjunkt (Associate Professor) i tyska ock engelska språken. Several times he acted as a deputy Professor. In 1892 emeritus. Travelled much in Europe. In 1870 married. He never wrote much, his whole output is given in 5 titles, and among these, that related to Indology, was published anonymously.

Publications: diss. ספר תולדות ישו [Sefer toledot Yeshu] sive liber de ortu et origine Jesu ex editione Wagenseiliana transcriptus et explicatus. Upsaliae 1857.1

two diss. for the adjunktship: A specimen of Chaucer’s language, with explanatory notes. 83 p. 1861; Über den Gebrauch des Artikels im Neuhochdeutschen. 1862.

edited and translated into Latin: śrīmahābhārate nalopākhyānam / Nalus Mahábhárati episodium. I. 8 p. Uppsala 1868.

– “Zur Rection der deutschen Präpositionen I:1”, Uppsala Univ. Årsbok 1879.

Sources: Uppsala Univ. Matrikel 1916.

1 I see that the copied Hebrew is (again) turned into mirror image.


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