EDWARDES, Stephen Meredyth

EDWARDES, Stephen Meredyth. 1873 — 1.1.1927. British Civil Servant and Historian in India, from 1923 editor of the Indian Antiquary. Son of the Rev. Stephen E., school at Eton, studies at Christchurch, Oxford. Passed the I.C.S. examination in 1894 and was sent to the Bombay Presidency. From 1904 special collector, 1910 Commissioner of the Police. C.S.I. 1915. From 1916 Municipal Commissioner for Bombay. In 1918 resigned because of ill-health. In London secretary to the Indo-British Association. Died after a brief illness. In 1895 married with Celia Darker, two sons and one daughter.

Publications: compiled the Bombay Census volume in 1901 and 3 vols. of the Bombay Gazetteer in 1906–10; Rise of Bombay – A Retrospect. 410 p. 1902; Byways of Bombay. 112 p. 1912; The Bombay City Police, 1672–1916. 229 p. Oxford 1923.

The Ruling Princes of India – a historical and statistical account of Junagadh and Bhavnagar. 1906; Crime in India. 8+169 p. L. 1925; Babur, Diarist and Despot. 138 p. L. 1926.

ed. the 2nd ed. of V. A. Smith’s The Oxford History of India. 24+814 p. Oxford 1923.

with H.L.O. Garrett: Mughal Rule in India. 8+374 p. L. 1930.

Sources: Who Was Who 1916-1928; *JRAS 1927, 170-172; IA 56, 1927, 1f.; IHQ 3, 1927, 231f.


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