MACMURDO, James. Dumfriesshire 30.11.1785 — Wurnoo (Varnu) in Wagur, Gujarat 28.4.1820, when 33. British (Scottish) Colonial Officer in India. Son of Major M. of Dumfriesshire Militia. Entered early (1801) E.I.C.’s army and came to India. Mainly served in Gujarat, later on in civil offices in Kacch (where he was the first British resident) and Kathiawar and conducted an expedition to Sindh. Captain. Knew Gujarātī well, spoke also Persian and Hindūstānī.

Publications: “An Account of the Parisnath-Gowricha worshipped in the Desert of Parkur; to which are added, a few remarks upon the present Mode of Worship of that Idol”,   Transactions of the Lit. Soc. of Bombay 1, 1819, 183-190; “Remarks on the Province of Kattiwar, its Inhabitants, their Manners and Customs”, ibid. 259-288; “An Account of the Province of Cutch, and of the Countries lying between Guzerat and the River Indus; with cursory Remarks on the Inhabitants, their History, Manners and State of Society”, ibid. 2, 1820, 217-255.

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Sources: J. M’Adam, Transactions of the Lit. Soc. of Bombay 3, 1823, 543-550; Wikipedia.

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