MACONACHIE,  James Robert. Orsett, Essex ?.1.1850 — Bromley, Kent 20.10.1922. British Civil Servant in India. Son of George M. and his wife Maria. Educated at Merchant Taylor’s School and London University (B.A.). Joined I.C.S. 1872, served in the Punjab, retired 1896. Married Sarah Dorothy Ogle, three sons (Sir Richard Roy M.).

Publications: Final report on the settlement of land revenue in the Delhi District, carried on 1872-77, by Oswald Wood … and completed 1878-80 by R. Maconachie. 636 p. Lahore 1882.

– Selected Agricultural Proverbs of the Panjab. With notes. 308 p. Delhi 1890.

– Rowland Bateman: Nineteenth Century Apostle. 208 p. L. 1917.

Sources: The India List and India Office List 1905, 558; *Church Missionary Review 73/840, 1922, 302;

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