MACPHAIL, Ronald Merry. Santalia 5.8.1899 — Newington, Edinburgh 9.12.1974. Rev. British (Scottish) Missionary Physician. in India. Son of —> J. M. Macphail, continued his work among Santals. Educated at Glasgow Academy. Served in the end of WW I in France. M.B. 1924 Glasgow. Worked for Church of Scotland among Santals from 1925, like his father stationed at Bamdah Mission Hospital and like him specialized in eye surgery. Ordained 1934. Married 1932 Muriel Elizabeth McMurtrie (d. 1952) and 1953 Dorothy Jean Stewart.

Publications: Introduction to Santali: Introduction and Vocabulary. 123 p. 1947, 2nd ed. 3+84+37 p. Benagaria 1953.

– 2nd ed. of A. Campbell’s Santali-English and English-Santali Dictionary. 4+694 p. Pokhuria 1933.

– The Santal mission. 31 p. 1947.

Sources: Tentatively put together from stray notes in Internet, especially in The guess that second initial M. stays for Merry was finally showed right by the obituary by W.D. in British Medical Journal 1974:1, 203;

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