EGGELING, Julius. Hecklingen bei Staßfurt (Hartz) 12.7.1842 — Witten 13.3. 1918. German Indologist. Professor in Edinburgh. After Gymnasium in Bernburg, studies of classical philology and Sanskrit at Breslau and Berlin. In Breslau he became acquainted with Rhys Davids (they were then Stenzler’s only students). In 1867 to London and soon to Oxford to assist Max Müller in his Rigveda edition (vol. 5). In 1867-69 there, then secretary and librarian of the R.A.S. 1869-75. In 1875 Aufrecht’s successor as Professor of Sanskrit at Edinburgh University, where he taught until 1914. When the war broke, he was on leave in Germany and asked vainly for a passport in order to return. Instead he settled at his son-in-law, who was the minister in a Westfalian land community. He vainly hoped to be capable of returning to Scotland.

JE was an able philologist, whose main works were his MSS. catalogues, editions of grammatical texts and the magnificent translation of the Śatapathabrāhmaṇa. In comparative IE linguistics, which he also had to teach, he was rather conservative. His teachers and models were Böhtlingk, Aufrecht, and Weber. The work on the big MSS. catalogue was started, at the request of Rost, as early as in 1869 in collaboration with Haas (who died) and Windisch (who only dealt with philosophy), but the bulk of the work was done by JE.

Publications: Catalogue of the Sanskrit Manuscripts of the India Office. 1-7. L. 1886-1904; with E. B. Cowell: “Catalogue of the Buddhist Sanskrit MSS. in the possession of the R.A.S. (collection Hodgson)”, JRAS 8, 1876, 1-52.

edited: Sarvavarma: The Kātantra. With the commentary of Durgasimha. 576 p. B.I. 81. Calcutta 1874-78; Vardhamāṇa’s Gaṇaratnamahodadhi with the author’s Commentary. 1-2. 12+480 p. L. 1879-80.

translated: Śatapathabrāhmaṇa according to the text of the Mādhyandina school. 1-5. S.B.E. 12, 26, 41, 43, 44. Oxford 1882-1900.

a few articles, e.g. on epigraphy in EI 1, 1892, 93-95.

Sources: Windisch 392-398; Macdonell, JRAS 1919, 124-128; Wikipedia briefly.


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