EGGERS, Alexander

EGGERS, Alexander. Reval (Tallinn) 3.4.1864 — Karlshorst 13.6.1937. German (of Estonia) Schoolteacher, a former Student of Indology. Son of businessman Alexander E. (1828–1877) and Marie Hiekisch. Educated at Government Gymnasium in Reval (Tallinn) 1880-85. From 1885 studies of medicine and in 1886-91 of Comparative Grammar at Dorpat (under Leo Meyer). In 1891 cand. and 1894 mag.philol. (Ph.D.) at Dorpat (Tartu). Then in 1896-1906 teacher (Oberlehrer of German language) and 1906-10 director at Domschule in Reval, 1910-14 Schulrat and Oberlehrer ibid. In 1915 moved to Sweden, 1916-18 author in Berlin, 1918 Stadtschulrat in Reval, In 1919-28 director of Privatlyzeum in Greifswald. From 1928 Studienrat at Zemkessches Privatlyzeum in Berlin. Married in 1903 with his cousin Clara Eggers.

Publications: diss. Der arische (indo-iranische) Gott Mitra. Eine sprach- und religionsgeschichtliche Studie. Dorpat 1894; further writings on pedagogics; Memoirs 1926.

Sources: Deutsch-Baltisches Biogr. Lex. 1710–1960.


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