EGUILAZ Y YANGUAZ, Leopoldo. Mazzarrón, prov. Murcia 29.9.1829 — Granada 15.7.1906. Spanish Literate interested in Sanskrit. Professor in Granada. Dr.iuris Madrid. From 1864 Professor of General and Spanish Literature at Granada University. He was one of the first Spanish scholars interested in Sanskrit, but spent most of his time in other pursuits and did not learn much of it. One small book founded on Chézy’s work was his only Indological contribution. Also an Arabist. Twice widower, no children.

Publications: Wrote much on Spanish literature, art, and philosophy, especially on Oriental elements in it.

Glosario etimologico de las palabras españolas … de origen oriental. 24+591 p. Granada 1886.

Ensayo de una traducción literal de los episodios indios, la Muerte de Jachnadatta y la Eleccion de esposo de Draupadî. 86 p. Granada 1861 (with text).

Sources: Briefly in Enc. Univ. Ilustr. 19; De Gubernatis, Dict. Intern. des écrivains du jour 2, 1890; N.U.C.; French and Spanish Wikipedia, with photo.

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