EHNI, Jacques David

EHNI, Jacques David. Stuttgart 25.11.1827 — Nyon 19.7.1903. German Indologist, Scholar of Religion and Valdesian Theologian in Switzeland. In 1841-45 (?) studied at Lutheran seminary in Blabeuren, then at theology and philology Tübingen University. Dr.Theol. 1849. For a short while worked as a tutor and at Lyceum of Ludwigsburg, in 1851-53 further studies (mainly of French) in Paris. Now teacher at gymnasium of Ulm, from 1855 Lutheran minister, then tutor in London. In 1858-60 travelled in Italy. In 1861-62 travelled in Egypt, Palestina, Turkey and Greece. The in Florence, now accepted as Valdesian priest and teaching theology. Married 1864 Louise Viollier-Ador, of Switzerland, from 1865 Minister of the German Lutheran congregation in Geneva. In 1880 he was unseccesful candidate for the chair of comparative religion there. According to Barth rather speculative in his hypotheses (1890).

Publications: “Rigv. X 85. Die Vermählung des Sena und der Sûrya”, ZDMG 33, 1879, 166-176.

Trois formes du mythe de Zeus. 45 p. Genève 1880.

Der Vedischer Mythus des Yama verglichen mit den analogen Typen der persischen, griechischen und germanischen Mythologie. 216 p. Strassburg 1890.

Die ursprüngliche Gottheit des Vedischen Yama. 163 p. Leipzig 1896.

theology, etc.

Sources: Member lists of D.M.G. Not mentioned in Swiss biographical dictionaries, name not mentioned in the Dictionary of Swiss surnames. Works in N.U.C. Full biography by L. Pilone at (although called Jacques Jacob).


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