ADRICHEM, Dirk van

ADRICHEM, Dirk van. 16?? — 1665?. Dutch Colonial Agent in India. He was the chief of the Dutch factory in Surat 1662-65, and in 1662 visited the court of Aurangzib on a diplomatic mission, to con­gratulate the emperor on his accession. He spent three months in Delhi, and published an account of his mission. Spoke the local language (Hindustani). Married with Hester de Solemne, the young widow remarried Rycklof van Goens in 1667. Grave in Surat Dutch Cemetery.

Publications: Journaal van Dircq van Adrichem’s Hofreis naar den Groot-Mogol Aurangzêb, 1662. Edited by A. J. Bernet-Kempers. 20+275 p. Linschoten Vereening, Werken 45. ’s-Gravenhage 1941.

Sources: Vogel, “Contr. of Leiden Univ. to Oriental Res.”, 50; *W. Wijnaendts, De gezaghebbers der Oost-Indische Compagnie op hare buiten-comptoiren in Azië. Amst. 1944, 280; Journal of the Dutch Burgher Union of Ceylon 3, 1910, 6f. on widow; not in Dutch biogr. dictionaries.

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