ERDMANN, Franz von

ERDMANN, Franz von (Fëdor Ivanovič Èrdman). Ludwigslust/Mecklenburg 1793 (or 1795) — Kazan 2/14.2.1862. German Historian of Asia in Russia. Son of Johann Enrst Friedrich E., then a vicar. Educated in Lübeck, studies at Rostock (O. G. Tychsen), PD there 1818. Invited by Frähn, came to Russia, first as Frähn’s successor as the Professor of Oriental languages at Kazan University. Taught there until 1845, learnt Tatar and Turkish. After 1845 lived in Novgorod as Staatsrat and school director.

Mainly a historian. He had no good philological training, which is often clearly seen in his work.

Publications: on Arabic: on Willmet’s dictionary (1821); on the History of Mecca by Taqî-addîn (1822), Abraha (1833), Buhaira (1854).

on Persian: Iskender Menesi’s history (1822 & 1861), Nizâmî (1826-32 & 1844), Rashîd-addîn on Turkish and Mongol peoples (1841), articles in ZDMG 1848 & 1861.

Kalmückischer Dschangan. 1857; on Kazan Tatars, ZDMG 1859.

Temudschin, der Unerschütterliche. 1862 (his magnum opus).

many articles, often in rare journals like Abhandl. der Kasaner Ges. für russische Literaturkunde.

Sources: Gosche, Wiss. Jahresber. zu ZDMG, 1862-1867, 57; German Wikipedia.


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