ERGARDT, Jan. 1936 — 23.12.1992. Swedish Scholar of Comparative Religion, especially Buddhism. He taught at Lund University and died after long illness. He applied his knowledge of modern psychology to interpretation of Buddhism.

Publications: Faith and Knowledge in Early Buddhism. An analysis of the contextual structures of an arahant-formula in the Majjhima-Nikāya. 12+182 p. Suppl. to Numen 37. Leiden 1977; Man and his destiny: the release of the human mind. A study of citta in relation to dhamma in some ancient Indian texts. 172 p. Studia Orientalia Lundensia 3. Ld. 1986.

– ‪Buddhismen i Västerlandet: Undersökning av engelsk buddhism under 1900-talet‬. 538 p. 1970.

– reviews in AO 47, 1986, 242-246.

Sources: Tord Olsson, Svensk Religionshistorisk Årsskrift 1995, 84f.


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