ERNOUT, Alfred

ERNOUT, Alfred Georges. Lille 30.10.1879 — Paris 16.6.1973. French IE and Classical Linguist, mainly Latin Scholar. Son of Léon E., tradesman in Lille, and Célina Venelle. Educated at Lycée de Lille, Faculté des lettres de Lille (lic.ès lettres 1900) and at Sorbonne (dr.ès lettres 1908) and É.P.H.É. in Paris. In 1908-13 taught at Lycée de Troyes, from 1913 maitre de conferences, language et littérature latines at Faculté des lettres de Lille, from 1920 Professor ibid. From 1924 maitre de conferences, language latine, at Sorbonne (Faculté des lettres), from 1928 Professeur de poésie latine ibid. From 1925 also directeur d’études de philologie latine at É.P.H.É. From 1944 Professeur d’histoire de la langue latine at Collège de France. In 1951 retired. Married 1908 Lucienne Legrand, one son, two daughters. Among his students was —> Chantraine. Hon. dr. of Groningen, Glasgow and Cambridge.

Publications: Wrote much on Latin (morphology and syntax), also text editions, only occasionally on IE.

With A. Meillet: Dictionnaire étymologique de la langue latine. P. 1932, rev. 2nd ed. 21+1184 p. P. 1939, 4th ed. 1967.

Philologica. Recueil d’articles. 1.3. ???+253+181 p. P. 1946, 1957, 1965.

Sources: Charle, Les professeurs de la Faculté des lettres. 2. 197?; *F. Charpin, Lex. gramm. 1996, 279f.; French Wikipédia.

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