ERNŠTEDT (Jernstedt), Petr Viktorovič

ERNŠTEDT (Jernstedt), Petr Viktorovič. Gačina (Hačina) 9.(21.)6.1890 — 25.12.1966. Russian Egyptologist. Son of a scholar. Graduated 1913 from St.Petersburg. Magistr 1917, kand. jazykoved. 1935, Dr. filol. nauk 1942. In 1918-50 he worked as naučnyj sotrudnik at Oriental Institute, also in Asian Museum, in Petrograd/Leningrad. In addition, taught at Leningrad University in 1924-30, 1937-41 and 1946-47. Corr. Member of Russian Academy 1946, Professor 1947. As student he was mainly interested in Sanskrit and Coptic.

Publications: around 50 works mainly on Coptic and papyrology.

Sources: Miliband, Biobibl. slovar’ 1977; Vostokovedenie v Petrograde 1918–1922


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