ERSKINE, William

ERSKINE, William. 8.11.1773 — Edinburgh 20.5.1852. British (Scots) Civil Servant and Lawyer. 1804-23 in India. Son of David E. and Jean Melvin, educated at Royal High School and Edinburgh University (dr.iuris). He “was a lawyer’s apprentice, 1792-9, went to India in 1803-4 with Sir James Mackintosh. At Bombay he became a clerk to the Small Cause Court, a stipendiary magistrate, Secretary and Vice-President to the Literary Society… Became Master in Equity in the Recorder’s Court in 1820, was a Member of Mountstuart Elphinstone’s Committee for framing the Bombay code of Regulations. He left India in 1823, having lost his legal offices on a charge of defalcations.” Returned to Scotland, he was Provost of St. Andrew’s in 1836-39. Married 1809 Maitland Mackintosh, two sons, James Claudius E. (1821-93) and Henry Napier Bruce E. (1832-93), served in India.

Publications: a number of articles especially on the Parsis and on Buddhism in JBRAS, “Observations on the remains of the Buddhists in India”, Tr. Lit. Soc. Bombay 3, 1823, 494-537.

translated Babar’s memoirs. 1826.

History of India under Babar and Humayun. Edited by his son. 1-2. 24+577, 24+585 p. L. 1854.

Diaries of his journeys to Ellora and Gujarat in JBRAS 25, 1922, 373-409.

Sources: *H. Beveridge, D.N.B. 1901; Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia


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