NELSON, James Henry

NELSON, James Henry. London 1838 — 1898. British Civil Servant in India. Studies from 1856 at Cambridge (M.A.), Fellow of King’s College. Barrister-at-law (Middle Temple, 1859). In 1861 left for Madras, served 25 years in South India. From 1876 District Judge of Cuddapah, finally in Madras High Court. Described as “ardent critic of Hindu law and its application in southern courts.” Married 1861.

Publications: The Madura Country: A Manual. 20+196 p. Madras 1868.

– A View of the Hindū Law as Administered by the High Court of Judicature at Madras. 6+154+7 p. Madras 1877.

– “Hindu Law in Madras in 1714”, MJLS 1880, 1-20.

– A Prospectus of the Scientific Study of the Hindu Law. 14+208 p. L. 1881.

– Indian Usage and Judge-Made Law in Madras. 386 p. L. 1887.

Sources: Title page of his 1877 book; J.D.M. Derrett, Essays in Classical and Modern Hindu Law. 2. Leiden 1977, 404ff.

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