EVEREST, George. Gwernvale near Brecon, Wales 4.6.1790 — London 1.12.1866. Sir. British (Welsh) Colonial Officer (Military Engineer) and Geographer in India. Eponymous for Mount Everest. Son of William Tristram E.,, a solicitor and justice of peace, and Lucetta Mary Smith. Educated at the military schools of Great Marlow and Woolwitch. Came to India as cadet in 1806 and served in Bengal Artillery. During the occupation of Java in 1814-16 he was assistant to Raffles surveying the island and became friend with —> Crawfurd. From 1817 assistant of the Great Trigonometrical Survey, in 1823 succeeded colonel Lambton as its Superintendent. In 1825-30 in England because of health problems. Back in India, from 1830 Surveyor General of India, in 1832-41 “also engaged in measurements of the great Arch of Meridian of India, 21 degrees in length, from Cape Comorin to the Northern frontier.” Lieutenant-Colonel 1838. In 1843 retired and returned to England. In India his former assistant and successor A. S. Waugh named Mount Everest after him, although he himself objected as he had had nothing to do with its discovery. Knighted in 1861. Married 1846 Emma Wing, children.

Publications: 19 geographical and meteorological articles in JASB.

An Account of the Measurement of two sections of the meridional arc of India. 1-2. L. 1847.

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