EWING, Arthur Henry

EWING, Arthur Henry. Saltsburg, Pa. 18.10.1864 — Allahabad 13.9.1912. U.S. Missionary and Indologist in India. Son of farmer James Henry E. and Eleanor Jane Rhea, educated in Saltsburg and Elder’s Ridge. Graduated from Washington and Jefferson College (B.A. 1887) and Western Theological Seminary in Pa. (1890). In 1890 he married Estella Loomis, was ordained as Presbyterian priest and left for India. In 1891-98 director of the Christian Boy’s Boarding School in Ludhiana, in 1898-1909 Principal of Allahabad Christian College (later renamed Ewing Chr. College), then President of the same until his death. Ph.D. 1901 Johns Hopkins (studied there during his first furlough from India, i.al. Sanskrit). From 1902 fellow of the University of Allahabad. Hon. D.D. 1904 Washington and Jefferson College. Died of typhoid fever. Also his brother was missionary in India. Also knew Arabic.

Publications: “The Hindu Conceptions of the Functions of Breath”, JAOS 22, 1901, 249-308 (diss.); “On the Çāradā-tilaka-Tantra”, JAOS 23, 1902, 65-76.

Sources: Short note in JAOS 33, 1913, iii; D. Shavitt, The U.S. in Asia. 1990, 155; briefly Wikipedia with photo; findagrave.com with photo.

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