NOTTROTT,  Carl Gustav Rudolf Eduard Alfred. Oppershausen, Thüringen 19.8.1837 — Westfalen 1924. Rev. German Lutheran Missionary in India. Studies at Halle, then left to India. During a furlough Ph.D. 1887 Leipzig. Hon. D.D. 1907 Halle. WW I forced him back to Germany. Married 1896 Louise Hahn, daughter of —> Ferdinand Hahn

Publications: “Mundari (Kol) Lieder”, Zeitschrift für Volkskunde 3, 1874, 94-??, 287-???, or rather 3, 1890-91, 381f. (the first reference by Grierson, the second confirmed in

– Gosner Mission unter den Kols. Berlin 1874.

– Grammatik der Kolh-Sprache. 104 p. Gütersloh 1882 (accepted as diss.), English translation by Paul Wagner, Grammar of the Kol-Language. 175+35+8 p. Ranchi 1905.

– Ein Träger des Lichts: Nathanael Tuyu der erste Munda-Pastor; ein Lebensbild aus der Kols-Mission. 2nd ed. 62 p. Friedenau-Berlin 1911; another similar work; translated parts of the Bible.

Sources: Wikisource; stray notes in M. Girard, Among the Original Dwellers: Remembering Ferdinand Hahn. 2019.

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