FALLON, Samuel William

FALLON, Samuel William. Calcutta 1817 — 3.10.1880. British Teacher in India. “Entered the Bengal Education Department in his 20th year, was inspector of schools.” Published famous dictionaries, for which he was conferred a Ph.D. in 1862 at Halle University. Retired in 1878 and resided in Delhi, returned to England in 1880, but died soon. Married, children.

Publications: Tārīkh-e Shu‘arā-e Urdū. A History of Urdū Poets, chiefly translated from Garçin de Tassy’s “Histoire de la Littérature Hindoui et Hindoustani”, by S. F. and Moonshee Kareem coddeen. Delhi 1848.

An English-Hindustani law and commercial Dictionary of words and phrases used in civil, criminal, revenue, political, and mercantile affairs, designed especially to assist translators of law papers. 22+202 p. Calcutta 1858 (Introduction accepted as a Halle dissertation in 1862), new ed. 1888.

A New Hindustani–English Dictionary, illustrated from Hindustani literature and folklore. 1252 p. 1879; A New English–Hindustani Dictionary. Banaras & L. 1883.

A Hindustani–English Law and Commercial Dictionary, comprising many Law Phrases and Notes in addition to the Law Phrases given in the general Dictionary. Banaras 1879; .

A Dictionary of Hindustani Proverbs. Ed. by R. C. Temple. Benares & L. 1886.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary.


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