O’SHAUGHNESSY, William Brooke

O’SHAUGHNESSY, William Brooke. Limerick, Ireland 1.11.1809 — Southsea, Hampshire 10.1.1889. Sir. British (Irish) Physician in India. Son of merchant Daniel O’Sh. and Sarah Boswell. Studies at Edinburgh, Med.Dr. 1829. Moved to London and taught forensic chemistry. He made important research during the cholera epidemy of 1831, but could not work as physician in England with his Scottish degree, Therefore he joined Indian Medical Service in 1833. From 1835 Professor of Chemistry and Natural Philosophy at Calcutta Medical College. Made active study of local medical plants, developed the medical use of cannabis, but was also active in other fields. Introduced electric telegram in India. Also from 1844 deputy assay master and 1851 assay master of Calcutta mint. Surgeon-Major 1859. Retired for health reasons in 1861, settled in Southsea. Knighted 1856. Married first c. 1833, one child, lost his wife in 1834, second wife 1835 his cousin Margaret O’Shaughnessy, third Julia Greenly (née Sabine).

Publications: With J. C. C. Sutherland: “Notice of a Grant engraved on Copper, found at Kumbhi in the Saugor Territory”, JASB 8, 1839, 481-495; “Sanskrit Inscription on the Slab removed from above the Kothoutiya Gate of the Fort Rohtas”, JASB 8, 1839, 693-701 (both only signed “by the Editors”).

– Nine articles on science in JASB 8-16; other writings on medicine, chemistry, etc.

Sources: H. Andrews, D.I.B. 7, 941-943; A.F.P[ollard], D.N.B. 42, 1895, 310f.; Wikipedia with rwo drawings.

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