FAVRE, Pierre Étienne Lazare

FAVRE, Pierre Étienne Lazare. Janville (Eure-et-Loir) 12.2.1812 — Paris 17.3.1887. Abbé. French Missionary and South-East Asian (Malay) Scholar. Ordained 1836 in Orléans, 1842 joined Missions értangères. In 1845-50 in Malacca, then in South America. Because oof illness returned to France in 1854, 1855-57 again in Penang collaborating with Bigandet. Then vicar in Orléans and in 1860-87 Professor of Malay at É.L.O.V. in Paris. Teacher of the Malay scholar Aristide Marre.

Publications: An Account of the Wild Tribes Inhabiting the Malayan Peninsula, Sumatra and a few Neighbouring Islands, with a Journey in Johore and a Journey in Menangkabaw States of the Malayan Peninsula. Paris 1865.

– “Notice sur un curieux rapporté de l’Inde”, Congrès provincial des orientalistes. Compte-rendu de la troisième session. Lyon 1878. Lyon 1878, 222-231.

grammars and dictionaries of Malay and Javanese.

Sources: *TP 1, 1890; French Wikipédia.


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