PALM, John David (Johann D. P.)

PALM, John David (Johann D. P.). Colberg, Pomerania (now Kołobrzeg in Poland) 1775 — Colombo 10.9.1842 (when 66). Rev. German Missionary in Sri Lanka. Began as a weaver, educated in Berlin. Ordained 1802, when 26. Arrived at Ceylon in 1805. Minister of the Dutch Reformed Church in Colombo and Jaffna. He was averse to Sinhalese and had some heated controversy. Married Johanna Jacoba Boogard, children.

Publications: “The Education Establishments of the Dutch in Ceylon”, JRAS-CB 1:2, 1846-47, 105-133; “An Account of the Dutch Church in Ceylon, collected from the local Records deposited in the Wolfendahl Church, Colombo”, JRAS-CB 1:2, 1846-47, 134-151 & 1:4, 1847-48, 5-71.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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