FAWCETT, Frederick

FAWCETT, Frederick. 1853 — 1926. British Civil Servant in India. Served in Kerala, Superintendent of Malabar Police. Retired before 1911 as Deputy Inspector General of Police in Madras. An amateur archaeologist and anthropologist.

Publications: “On the Saoras (or Savaras), an Aboriginal Hill People of the Eastern Ghats of the Madras”, J. Anthr. Soc. Bombay 1, 1888, 206-272; “Notes on some of the people of Malabar”, Madras Govt. Museum Bull. 3:1, 1900, 1-85; “Nâyars of Malabar”, ibid. 3:3, 1901, 184-322, 11 pl.

– “Songs sung by the Lambâḍîs”, IA 30, 1901, 547-5??.

– “Nâyars”, E.R.E. 9, 1917, 256-258.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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