FAWCETT, Frederick

FAWCETT, Frederick. 1853 — Vienna 20.7.1926. British Civil Servant and Ethnographer in India. Served in Kerala, Superintendent of Malabar Police. Retired before 1911 as Deputy Inspector General of Police in Madras. An amateur archaeologist and anthropologist. Married.

Publications: “On the Saoras (or Savaras), an Aboriginal Hill People of the Eastern Ghats of the Madras”, J. Anthr. Soc. Bombay 1, 1888, 206-272; “Notes on some of the people of Malabar”, Madras Govt. Museum Bull. 3:1, 1900, 1-85; “Nâyars of Malabar”, Ibid. 3:3, 1901, 184-322, 11 pl.

– “Rock-Cut Sepulchral Chambers in Malabar”, JRAnthrInst 25, 1896, 371-373 & “South Indian Stone Circles”, Ibid. 373f.; “The Kondayamkottai Maravars, a Dravidian Tribe of Tinnevelly, Southern India”, JRAnthrInst 33, 1903, 57-65; “Notes on the Dombs of Jeypur, Vizagapatam District, Madras Presidency”, Man 1, 1901, 34-38; small notes in Man.

– “Songs sung by the Lambâḍîs”, IA 30, 1901, 547-549; articles in Folklore.

– “Nâyars”, E.R.E. 9, 1917, 256-258.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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