PARDO DE TAVERA, Trinidad Hermengildo

PARDO DE TAVERA Y GORRICHO, Trinidad Hermengildo José Maria Juan Francisco. 13.4.1857 — 26.3.1925. Spanish-Philippinese Physician, Antiquarian and Linguist. Son of Felix P. de T. (d. 1864), a lawyer and high official, and Juliana Gorricho, a wealthy Philippinese Spanish family. Grew up in Intramuros, Manila. Studies at Colegio de San Juan de Letran (B.A. 1873), then medicine at University of Santo Tomas, but in 1875 moved to his step-father to Paris and completed his education there ( 1880). Then also studied Malay at É.L.O.V. (diploma 1885). In 1887 returned to the Philippines and worked as a journalist. Last years, 1923-25, Director of National Library and Museum in Manila. Married 1887, Conceptión Rosalia Cembrano y Gonzales-Calderon, children.

Publications: Wrote about Philippine history and linguistics, also medical publications.

– El sánscrito en la lengua tagala. P. 1887 (etymological study. I have not seen it and the year of publication is also given as 1884 and 1888).

Sources: Long article in Wikipedia with photo (it is clear and logical upto the late 1880s, but the rest is just a confused mess).

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