PERCIVAL (Perceval), Robert. 1765 — 1826. British Colonial Officer. Joined Irish Infantry in the U.K., as Captain in 1895-97 participated in the conquest of Dutch Capeland. In 1797 to Ceylon, where he remained three years. His both books are said to be full of description of the cruelty and treachery of the Dutch, especially towards local inhabitants. However, in spite of its defects his Ceylon book is described as one of the major sources about Sri Lanka around 1800.

Publications: An account of the island of Ceylon: containing its history, geography, natural history, with the manner and customs of its various inhabitants to whuch is added the Journal of an Embassy to the Court of Candy. 12+420 p. L. 1803, 2nd ed. L. 1805, soon also German and French translations.

– An Account of the Cape of Good Hope, containing an Historical View of its original Settlement by the Dutch, and a Sketch of its Geography, Productions, the Manners and Customs of its Inhabitants. 12+339 p. L. 1804, German and French translations.

Sources: C.R.B[eazley], D.N.B. 44, 1895, 382f.; stray notes in Internet.

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