FIELD, Dorothy

FIELD, Dorothy (Mrs. Norman Dudley Short). 1884 — 1968. Lady. British Writer, Musician and Woman Activist. In 1923-27 reporter for The Times Educational Supplement. He was much interested in Theosophy, but did not join the Society. His book on Sikhism was based on Macauliffe’s work. She married Norman Dudley Short (1882–1951), an artist and caricaturist.

Publications: The Religion of the Sikhs. 114 p. Wisdom of the East Series. L. 1901.

Articles in the Theosophist; books unrelated with India (children’s books, poetry).

Sources: *E. Nesbitt, “Helena Blavatsky, Dorothy Field and Annie Besant: Theosophy’s Role in Introducing Sikhism to the West”, Sikh Formations 2019, 1-17.

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