FIGUEIREDO, Cândido de

FIGUEIREDO, Cândido de. Lobão da Beira 19.9.1846 — Lisbon 26.9.1925. Portuguese Linguist, Journalist and Poet interested in India. After studies of theology and classics worked as a teacher, then 40 years in the Ministery of Justice. From 1893 civil governor of Vila-Real. From 1874 corresponding member of Academia das Ciências de Lisboa, from 1878 of French Société Asiatique, from 1902 of Spanish Academy, later also of Brazilian Academy. Vice-Consul of Mexico. Attended the OC in London.

Publications: A number of poetry, translations, general and Portuguese linguistics (especially Nova Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa. 1899), literature, etc.

translated (from French?): Morte de Iaginadatta. Episodio do poema epico o Ramayana. 24 p. Coimbra 1873.

A penalidade na India segundo o codigo de Manu. 20 p. Lisboa 1892.

a study of the language of Camões and a translation related to Vasco da Gama.

Sources: Grande Encyclop. Portuguesa e Brasileira 11, 300-302: *Portuguese Wikipedia with portrait.


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