PRICE, William (younger)

PRICE, William. 17?? — 18??. British Colonial Officer and Oriental Scholar in India. Lieutenant (1807), then Captain (1823) and Major (1831) in the 5th native regiment in Bengal. Taught Bengali, Marathi and Sanskrit at Fort William College, from 1824 Professor of Hindee (i.e. Braj) and Hindoostanee there. Retired in 1834 and returned to England.

Publications: “Translation of a Sanscrit Inscription on a Stone found in Bundélc’hund”, As. Res. 12, 1816, 357-374 (near Mow).

– With Tāriṇī-charaṇ Mitra: Hindee and Hindostanee Selections, to which are prefixed the Rudiments of Hindostanee and Braj Bhak,ha Grammar. 1-2. 463+409 p. Calcutta 1827, 2nd ed. 1830.

– Ed.: The Ch,hutru Prukash, a Biographical Account of Ch,hutru Sal, Raja of Boondelkhund, by Lal Kuvi. 269 p. Calcutta 1829.

– The Subha Bilas, a Collection of Stanzas on various subjects, in Hindee, by different Authors. 84 p. Calcutta 1828 (colophon 1829).

Sources: Briefly in connection with the other W. Price by S.F.S[mith], D.N.B. 46, 1896, 343.

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