PROCHNOW, Johann Detloff

PROCHNOW, Johann Detloff. Lassan, Pomerania 24.2.1814 — Berlin 17.10.1888. Rev. German Missionary in India. Son of Johann Christian Pr. and Johanna Detlof. Studies of theology in 1837-40 at Griefswald, was accused of belonging to a students’ fraternity. Dr. Arrived with his wife in India in 1840. From 1843 worked in Kotgarh near Shimla (1848 there) for Church Missionary Society. After returning living in Berlin, director of Goßner-Missionsgesellschaft. Married 1840 Maria Päpke, two daughters, two sons.

Publications: Anfangsgründe einer Grammatik der hindustanischen Sprache. 34 p. Berlin 1852.

– Achtzehn Jahre in Ostindien: Vortrag, gehalten auf Veranlassung des Evangelischen Vereins am 17. Januar 1859. 20 p. B. 1859.

– Biography of missionary J. J. Weitbrecht, 1861, and other works.

Sources: *W. Bollmann, R. Löschner & E.G. Drovs (eds.): Briefe an Johann Dettloff Prochnow (1814-1888) aus dem Hause von Maltzan. Wismar 2008; with photo; stray notes in Internet.

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