RAMSAY, William

RAMSAY, William. 15.6.1834 — 20.6.1867?. British (Scottish) Civil Servant in India. Son of Sir George R. and Emily Eugenia Lennon. In Bombay Civil Service. In 1866 in Baitul, Central India (Betul in Madhya Pradesh). Married Harriet Wollaston, two sons.

Publications: Report on the land revenue settlement of the Baitool district, of the Nerbudda division, Central Provinces. 114 p. Calcutta 1867.

– “Gonds and Kurkus”, IA 1, 1872, 128f., 348-350.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet, dates and family in geni.com – but unfortunately its information is inconsistent: the man died in 1867 and his sons were born in 1868 and 1872. Perhaps the death year is mistaken.

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