RANKING, George S. A.

RANKING, George Speirs Alexander. Hastings, Sussex 1.1.1852 — Caversham, Berkshire 14.6.1934. British Physician and Oriental Scholar in India. Son of Robert and Isabella R. Educated in Cambridge, studied medicine in London. In 1875-1905 in Indian Medical Service, finally as Lieutenant-Colonel. M.A. Then 1905-20 University Lecturer in Persian at Ballioll College, Oxford. In 1920-22 Professor of Persian at Calcutta. Married Elizabeth Mannsell, children.

Publications: Transl. with W. H. Lowe and W. Haig: Muntakhab ut-tawārikh of al-Badaoni. 1-3. B.I. Calcutta 1886-1925 (vol. 1 by Ranking); with R. F. Azoo: Ahsānu-t-taqāsīm fī maʻrifati-l-aqālīm; known as al-Muqaddasī. Translated from the Arabic. 331 p. Bibl. Ind. Calcutta 1897.

– A Guide to Hindustani. 252 p. Calcutta 1895; Introductory Exercises in Urdu Prose Composition. 151 p. Calcutta 1896; Urdu–English Primer, for the Use of the Colonial Artillery. 1899; English–Hindustani Dictionary. 5+758 p. Calcutta & L. 1905.

– Edited: Mīr Bahādur ‘Ali Ḥusain, The Nasr-i-be Nazīr, one of the text Books for the High Proficiency Examination in Urdu. Calcutta 1902.

– Annotated Glossary to the Bagh-o-bahar. The Text Book for the Examination by the Higher and Lower Standarts in Urdu. 1-2. Calcutta 1902.

– Primer of Persian. 72 p. Oxford 1907; a few further works.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet.

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