REGEL, Albert (von)

REGEL,  Johann Albert von (Russian Ioann-Al’bert Regel’). Zürich 12.12.1845 — Odessa 6.7.1908. Swiss Physician, Botanist and Exporer in Russia. Son of Eduard R. (1815–1892, 1873 Russian title of nobility), a garden architect and botanist, and Elisabeth Locher. The family moved in 1855 to St.Petersburg. Studied medicine at St.Petersburg, Göttingen, Vienna and Dorpat (Tartu). From 1875 district physician in Kuldja in Russian Turkestan. In 1877-85 several botanicat field expedition in Central Asia and the Pamir. In 1879 ne was the first European (after Bento de Góis) to visit Turfan oasis.

Publications: Several travel accounts: “Reisen in Central-Asien, 1876-79”, Metermann’s Mitteilungen 25, 1879, 376-384, 408-417; “Meine Expedition nach Turfan 1879”, Pet. Mitt. 27, 1881, 380-394; etc.

– Medical and botanical publications.

Sources: Stache-Weiske 2007, 853; H. Walravens, N.D.B. 21, 2003, 256f.; Wikipedia (German version with photo).

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