FORBES, Alexander Kinloch

FORBES, Alexander Kinloch. 7.7.1821 — 13.8.1865. British (Scots) Civil Servant in India and Pioneer of Gujarātī Studies. Son of John F.-Mitchell (1781–1822) and Anna Powell. Arrived at Bombay in 1843 and bercame Assistant Judge in Ahmedabad. From 1862 Judge of the new Bombay High Court. Married 1846 Margaret Moir Mitchell (d. 1904), four sons, two daughters. In 1848 founded the Gujarat Vernacular Society in Ahmedabad.

Publications: Hindu annals of western India with particular reference to Gujarat. 1856, 2nd ed. 715 p. L. 1878; new ed. by H. G. Rawlinson, Rāsmālā. Hindoo Annals of the Province of Goozerat in Western India. 1-2. 23+444+7+459 p. Oxford 1924.

Sources: not in Br. Biogr. Arch. 2nd Series; Wikipedia with portrait.


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