ROBERTS, R. E. 17?? — 18??. British Colonial Officer in India. As Major in 1777 visited Burma, in the mid-1780s called Persian interpreter. In 1798 Lieutenant-Colonel, 180? Colonel. Member of Asiatic Society (1802/10). Also knew Hindustani.

Publications: “An Account of Arakan”, Asiatick Miscellany 1, 1785, 316-326; “An Account of the Mahratta States” Ibid. 395-419.

– “Specimen of the Language of the People inhabiting the Hills in the vicinity of Bhagalpoor. Communicated in a Letter to the Secretary”, As. Res. 5, 1798, 8vo ed. 1799, 127-130 (a Malto vocabulary).

Sources: *Jacques Leider, “‘An Account of Arakan Written at Islaamabad (Chittagong) in June 1777 by Major R.E. Roberts’. Présentation et Commentaries”, Aséanie 3, 1998, 125-149 (he admits that he has found no biographical information about RER); stray notes in Internet.

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