ROBINSON, William Henry

ROBINSON, William Henry.1829? — Edmonton 1910 (when 81) – says JRAS, but the editor’s preface in his book has Westminster 1824 — 1906. Britishman, interested in Indology. Of modest background, grew up in Hampstead. In middle age became interested in Orient and without formal studies learned Sanskrit from books. Worked as teacher and journalist in London. Married when 19 (wife died 1889), children.

Publications: Golden Legend of India; or, Story of India’s Godgiven Cynosure (Śunaḥśepha-Devarāta): a Vedic theme of human life and divine wisdom ordained to be rehearsed at coronations of Indian kings. A faithful paraphrase in English verse side by side with a literal translation: illustrated by copious notes 18+148 p. L. 1911 (Śunaḥsepa legend from the Aitareyabrāhmaṇa – at the time of his death a finished manuscript).

Sources: A.A.S., JRAS 1910, 557f.

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